Baking Advocates

Why Bake?

All cancers, no matter how rare or lesser known, have an immeasurable impact on the individuals that battle them daily as well as their families.  The research, however, for many types of cancer are underfunded.  YEAR ROUND CANCER AWARENESS®, THINK MORE THAN PINK® , funding, research, education and empowerment are needed to provide individuals battling cancer a FIGHTING chance towards a cure.


The mission of Cheesecake For The Cure, Inc. is to generate an interactive and sweet platform about the various cancer awareness causes that take place throughout out the year. Through baking and selling of cheesecakes during the respective host month, contributions aid in helping underfunded cancer research.


Our work in the kitchen and within local communities is resilient. We will foster compassion, strength, and fervor to help those currently battling cancer and having survived cancer as well as the spirits of the families that champion their FIGHT!


We want to educate the masses throughout the year about each specific cancer type in the respective awareness month.  We are sure that having a nontraditional slice of cheesecake will help in interacting with all of the diverse cancer fighters, survivors, and their families.


There is nothing quite healing as that of the power of laughter. Humor can be an effective therapy. We want to foster a Baking Ambassador community, nationwide and globally, that injects and uses laughter’s power in battling cancer.


Cheesecake For The Cure, Inc. and our Baking Ambassadors© use cheesecake as our sweet medium to give back and pamper the sweet tooth of those kicking cancers butt.