Cheesecake For The Cure FAQs

Cheesecake For The Cure Supports Cancer Research

Is Cheesecake For The Cure a 501 c3?

No, Cheesecake For the Cure is a for-profit organization that integrates corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.

Why a for-profit model?

There are various ways to “bake for good” in the dessert industry.  We choose to advocate Year Round Cancer Awareness® and Think More Than Pink® to provide local cancer communities with a variety of farm to batter cheesecake flavors conjoined with advocacy, education, and exemplary customer service. This structure is best serviced through a for-profit business model.

We are unwavering in advocating and supporting cancer research.  There are several nonprofit organizations in the sweets industry that exist for this purpose. We wanted to organize Cheesecake For The Cure differently and effectively build a strong organization of baking advocates and baking ambassadors® capable of fostering our own benefactions.

So, we made it happen! Cheesecake For The Cure, derived from Magnolia’s Cheesecakery as a cheesecake business baking its way to the forefront of go-giving. The money for year round cancer advocation during their respective awareness month will come from consumers and bakers nationally and internationally. Many nonprofits raise money for their respective causes through grants, fundraising events, and contributions. We’ve chosen to set ourselves apart! Cheesecake For The Cure and our Baking Ambassadors® is able to support cancer research by operating as a for-profit organization and exercising the business values of corporate social responsibility. We accomplish two things as a result: we are able to help increase cancer community awareness during each respective month year round with delicious cheesecakes and licensed Baking Ambassadors®; and we raise funds for contributing to cancer research, institutions, recovery/therapy groups, walk and runs.

How does Cheesecake For The Cure help fund cancer research?

Each month Cheesecake For the Cure and our Baking Ambassadors will donate 25% of our sales locally to the cancer awareness for that month. This way we ensure that our money goes to said cancer research for during the respective month of awareness. Donating 25% of sales was a decision made to balance our giving objective and our consumers request for accountability through a robust culture of corporate philanthropy.