Cheesecake For The Cure

Did you know that each month of the year, except August and December has a National Cancer Awareness, with some months hosting multiple cancers? We wanted to find a way to give back through baking it forward and using cream cheese as a baking medium, Cheesecake For The Cure, Inc.® came to fruition.

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Santresa Glass, Cheesecake For The Cure, Inc.® is progressing toward a national and global movement presented by Magnolia’s Cheesecakery to bake cheesecakes, help in underfunded cancer research, and bring YEAR ROUND CANCER AWARENESS.

Twenty-five percent of proceeds from the sells of CFTC, Inc. will go to the local charities, cancer research, walks/runs, and various programs of outreach specific to the cancer awareness month. April, for example, is Testicular CancerEsophageal Cancer, and Head and Neck Cancer Awareness month.  The color of the ribbon is teal and white.  The color of the ribbon(s) is taken into consideration for flavor profiles and decor of the mini cheesecakes.

The purpose of Cheesecake For The Cure, Inc.® is to bring Year Round Cancer Awareness®  and Think More Than Pink® in reference to the various types of cancers battled daily by numerous, strong individuals during the month of their cancer awareness. There is a desire for bakers (professional and hobbiest) to participate within their local communities, states, and countries through giving back using the Cheesecake For The Cure, Inc.® licensing packet as a platform to share information about as well as bring recognition to the various cancer awareness in each respective month throughout the year. We would love for you to become a Baking Ambassador!