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We would love to create an aesthetically mouthwatering visual treat for you!

Magnolia’s Cheesecakery is the preeminent candy buffet and dessert table designer in the Atlanta area and the peach state.  Each dessert table and candy buffet is designed to “Pamper your Sweet Tooth” with confections and excite guest of all ages.  We provide a distinguished and inviting sweet alternative, from intimate soirees to fundraising galas.

Dessert Tables

Our dessert tables provide an array of sweets to “pamper” the palettes of you and your guest.  We are sweets liaisons that partner with purveyors of cupcakes, cake pops, mini cheesecakes, gourmet marshmallows, macaroons, wedding cakes, whoopie pies, artisan doughnuts, and other sweet confections.  Our FARM TO BATTER CONFECTIONS can blend seamlessly with any theme or the aesthetically mouthwatering show stopper.

Personalized Dessert Table and Candy Buffet Designs Include:

– Table styling, setup, and breakdown

– A selection of desserts and candy from confectioners and purveyors of sweets

– Custom designed and styled tablescape

– Favor boxes

– Table linens to compliment event color palette

– Custom designed dessert labels/tags for vessels {cake plates/stands, apothecary jars, milk/porcelain platters, etc.}

*for pricing e-mail SUBJECT LINE: Dessert Table Inquiry to or call 470-263-1310*

Candy Buffet Selections

Think nostalgic, a variety of colors, and smorgasbord of candy selection. Tailored to your vision and “Pampering your Sweet Tooth”, some assortments of candy are, but not limited to:
Jelly Belly’s– From root beer to mango flavored, these jelly beans are sure to satisfy any sweet palette.
M and M’s– A favorite for children and adults that comes in a variety of colors with or without nuts.
Salt Water Taffy– Soft and chewy candy with flavors like banana and green apple.
Chocolate Truffles– Premium chocolates with an array of fillings like peanut butter and caramel.
Chick-O-Sticks– Crunchy, peanut butter filled candy with a sweet orange coating.
Coated Almonds– Colored candy coated Jordon Almonds.
Rock candy– Crystallized flavored sugar on a stick or as a pool of small pieces.
Gumballs– A flaky, colored, flavored shell filled with bubble gum.
Pixie Sticks– An array of colored straws filled with flavored sugar.
Hershey Kisses– Melt in your mouth chocolate with a variety of flavors like caramel and almond filled.
Sour Worms– A soft and chewy center with a sour sugar coating on the outside.
Now and Laters– Laffy taffy squares with a chewy center.
Lemon Heads– A soft and chewy sour lemon ball with a hard candy center.
B-B Bats– Flavored taffy on a stick offering flavors like banana and strawberry.
Chews– The penny candy that everyone loves in an array of flavors like grape, peach, and apple.
Blow Pops– Flavored hard candy outside with a soft and chewy bubblegum center.
Flavored Licorice– Twirled rope candy in a variety of flavors such as orange, apple, and cherry.
2’to 6’Lolli Pops– Hypnotizing candy pops on a stick with flavors like blue raspberry and tangerine.
Gummi Worms– Soft and squirmy worm shaped flavored candy also offered with a sour alternative.
Mary Janes– Bite sized peanut butter and molasses candy.
Flavored Barber Poles– Hard candy sticks swirled together offering flavors like green apple or cherry.

Guess what!?

Kosher, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan sweet options are available upon inquiry.

We are based in the Atlanta, GA and are available for statewide, nationwide, and international travel.  Have one as your main feature or seamlessly blend with other decor elements at your next event.