I’ve always loved graphic tees shirts, witty phrases, sarcastic banter, great food, using profanity, and aesthetically mouthwatering desserts. ProFOODity® is a graphic tee shirt line that encompasses my love for all of these things. I’m starting with my most popular hashtags and phrases from each of my social media pages and cannot wait to share this eco-friendly graphic tee line with y’all.

Here are a few options coming to a graphic tee near you . . .

#Sweetspreneur | #AestheticallyMouthwatering | #TheCheesecakeDoctor | #BoutThatCheesecakeLife | #CheesecakeDealer | #ISlangCheesecakesForALiving | #AdvocatingTheSweetLife | #SweetsAdvocate | #FarmToBatterConfections | #CheesecakeAficionado | #ForTheLoveOfCreamCheese | #BakingAmbassador | #BakingAdvocate

“I’m an epicurean geek that speaks fluent wine and cigars.” -Dr. G (#DrGisms)

“Food is a catalyst for connection and a language that I speak fluently.” -Dr. G

“I’m an epicurean geek that speaks fluent food and libations.” – Dr. G (#DrGisms)

“Food has the ability to communicate to my palate, while emotionally transferring how I feels to the belly of those that enjoy eating.” – Dr. G